The History of Froomb Part 2
How a dumb guy like The Froomb retired early with a funky little web site


In my last post I described my first web site, Star City Emporium, and I gave the reasons why it flopped.

Froomb is a different story. Froomb offers people something that they find valuable – sites that offer bargains, in fact a different bargain every day. Because the deals are different every day, people have a reason to bookmark the site and come back every day.

Many people have even made Froomb their home page so they can check the deals first thing in the morning after they start their computers.

I’m sure you can see what I’m getting at. When you’re trying to figure out what kind of business to start, the first thing you need to do is figure out something that people need or want and then fill that need or want. Something that makes life easier, something that saves time.

If you can find a business that people will come back to every day, that’s even better (I’m not suggesting you copy Froomb, however – enough people have done that already). That’s why so many people have created their own deal-of-the-day sites – they’re guaranteed a certain level of traffic every day.

If your site isn’t a daily deal site you will have to use other means to encourage people to return – frequent specials with email marketing for example. There are also many sites that will provide free content that changes every day.

If you want to create a successful internet business, give a lot of thought to who will use your web site and why they should care about it.

Next time I’ll tell you how Froomb came to be and where I got the name.


In my previous post I described my first web site, Star City Emporium, which was (still is, actually) a collection of internet stores organized into categories – in other words, an online mall. When I was done I thought WOW! – I can promote this as the World’s Largest Shopping Mall with Over 600 Stores!! When word gets out I’ll be swamped with people looking for places to blow all their money!

Man, was I wrong.

I started Star City after I found out about affiliate programs. Affiliate programs allow you to make money when people click on your ads and then buy something. You get a commision on whatever someone buys. I’ll talk more about affiliate programs later – I’ll tell you the right way to use them – but the way I used them was all wrong. Each page was nothing but a long boring column of banner ads.

The problem is, people don’t shop that way any more. If someone’s looking for, say, unfinished furniture they’re not going to find an online mall, find the right category, search through all the stores for a store that sells unfinished furniture, then search that store for what they want.

If someone is looking for unfinished furniture they’ll do a Google search for “unfinished furniture.” Much simpler.

The basic problem with Star City Emporium is that there’s no reason for anyone to visit it more than once. One time is enough to find out that the site has nothing to offer.

So what kind of site should you build? What kinds of sites will have people beating down your door, overloading your servers?

Next time we’ll talk about the kinds of sites that people want to visit.


Froomb is a web site that I started kind of by accident. It’s a directory of all of the Deal-of-the-Day web sites (like Woot).

It’s my second attempt at a web business. The first was Star City Emporium which I billed as the World’s Largest Shopping Mall. I figured that I was safe to call it that since the Mall of America has around 520 stores, and my mall has over 600. The site is still there but it’s a colossal flop.

Froomb, on the other hand, is a great success. It’s allowed me to retire from my day job and it’s taught me a lot about how to build a business on the web and how to make money from it.

The purpose of this blog is to tell you how Froomb came to be, why Star City Emporium was such a flop and why Froomb is so successful, and how you can develop a web business and make money from it.

No, this isn’t one of those Get Rich in Your Spare Time on the Internet deals – I haven’t gotten rich and you probably won’t. But I have managed to squeeze decent money out of a relatively small-time web site, and I know I can help you do the same.

I’m living proof that dumb guys can be successful too…

(by the way, there is no History of Froomb Part 1 – the title is an homage to Mel Brooks)